DIY Kit vs. Pre-Built Ė The Best Shed For You

When your backyard projects begin to come together, you start to accumulate more and more things. From outdoor furniture to garden tools, you need a place to safely store your outdoor items. Filling your garage and basement with more stuff isnít a practical storage solution for your outdoor items.

This is when a storage shed becomes a necessity for many homeowners. Adding extra outdoor storage space allows you to keep your lawn mower, garden tools, and even your outdoor games safe from the elements and out of the way. If youíre in need of a practical, easy storage solution a shed is your best bet.

If youíre looking into your shed options, youíve probably come across shed kits and pre-built sheds. When it comes to these two options, the decision shouldnít just be about price. Thereís much more to consider when youíre debating between building a shed yourself and purchasing a pre-built structure. Letís take a look at the difference between do-it-yourself shed kits and pre-built sheds. Hopefully, your decision will become a little easier!

Do-It-Yourself Shed

Shed kits are an affordable, readily available storage option. You can find DIY shed kits at most major hardware stores and even at local Amish shed building companies. These kits usually consist of sections of the frame, pre-cut and measured walls, roofing materials, and more. Each kit contains exactly what you need to build the shed you want, right down to the windows and doors.

Usually, these kits can be even cheaper than building a shed totally from scratch. Often times, the pre-cut materials in shed kits are more economical than buying and assembling the raw materials yourself. There are a wide selection of kits, in most every size and shape you need for your project. You can even choose the paint colors and style thatís most appealing to you!

While sheds kits may seem like an easy, affordable option, they are best suited for experienced builders. This is not to say you need to be a professional carpenter to put together a shed kit, but some experience in building will make the process go much smoother. You donít want to take on too much and end up being unable to complete the project. If youíre unsure of your building skills, you can ask experienced friends of family to help you out!

Buying A Pre-Built Shed

On the other hand, pre-built sheds are the easiest, most hands-off option for outdoor storage. You simply need to visit the builder or showroom and choose the best style for your backyard. Here, youíre not limited to the predetermined styles of shed kits. You have much more flexibility in terms of the style, finishes, colors, and details of your new shed.

You can choose from traditional A-frame sheds or even something more elaborate, like a Victorian style shed. Buying a pre-built shed is more of an investment than a shed kit, especially if youíre interested in custom touches to personalize the shed. This is a good option if youíre looking for a structure that offers just as much design as it does utility. A well designed shed can add elegance to your backyard and even match the style and colors of your home.

If you donít think you can take on assembling shed kits, buying a pre-built shed from an experienced Amish builder is a great option. There are amazing shed options in Lancaster. Amish built sheds in PA are crafted with care and to last the test of time Ė you wonít find a better built shed at any big box store. Thatís why you should consider shopping local if you think a pre-built shed is the right option for you. Even if you donít live in Central PA, most builders can ship their products all over the country!

Whether youíre looking to take on a new do-it-yourself project or youíd rather buy pre-built, thereís a shed that will meet your needs. Like we said before, itís not always about price when it comes to a good shed. You need to consider what will work best for you and your needs. Pretty soon, youíll have a brand new place to store everything outdoors!