4 Cool Covers For Your Patio Space

When summer begins to wind down, most parts of the country prepare for cool weather. They begin to pack away their patio furniture and move their activities inside. But, if you live in the southern part of the country in Florida, or on the west coast in California, you know the outdoor fun has only just begun!

Most of the country gets hot in the summer, but some parts are downright sweltering. So much so that outdoor living doesn’t happen in these areas until the season turn. For people that experience all four season every year, this may seem like a crazy thought. But for residents of the warmer states, tolerable weather begins in the fall.

Residents of Florida, California, Texas, and more get to enjoy outdoor living almost all year round! Creating an amazing outdoor living space is a must in these areas. One thing you may be missing is a creative, versatile patio cover to provide some shade. Here are some cool deck and patio covering ideas to add that extra level of comfort!

1. A Simple Sail

A sail is one of the easiest ways to add a quick but of shade to any outdoor space. Sails are simply a piece of triangular fabric, usually with three reinforced holes for stringing. These are one of the most versatile ways to add shade to your patio, and are perfect for smaller areas like covering a hammock or sitting area.

You can easily DIY your very own sail, choosing the fabric, color, and print that matches your taste. More durable fabrics like canvas are recommended for a DIY sail – you can even go as far as to waterproof the canvas for added durability. This is a great option for smaller spaces. You can create a triangle of any size, to fit any space.

2. Repurpose Panels

When you’re trying to create something really unique, look to repurposing. Panels usually used for fencing or decorative dividers can be repurposed into a one-of-a-kind patio cover. You can find these panels at any local hardware store in the fencing sections. Getting a little creative with these pre-cut panels can help you create something totally unique to your patio!

You’ll just need to create a simple structure to mount the panels over your patio securely. There are plenty of pre-build patio structures that can also be repurposed to house panels. Choosing a design like lattice or woven wood adds another design element. Just imagine how beautiful vines or flowers would look hanging from your new panel covers!

3. Pitch A Canopy

A pre-fab canopy is our easiest source of cool shade for your patio. If you don’t want to commit to a permanent structure, or aren’t sure of the best direction to go, canopies give you lots of flexibility. These come together in a flash – from the box to your backyard in a matter of minutes. The best feature of a canopy is the ease of use. These can easily go up or down, allowing you to have a flexible source of shade.

You can find these easy canopies at most hardware and outdoor living stores, even big box stores or online marketplaces. These canopies can be as simple or as decorative as you want and range in price according to the level of detail. Having a canopy on hand can make your family gatherings or outdoor parties much better with an extra shade option! Everyone will love the ease and elegance!

4. Invest In A Pergola

Backyard structures can become more elegant, permanent canopies that lives above your patio. If you’re tired of getting your canopy out of the shed each time you need some extra shade, investing in a pergola may be the right choice for you. Pergolas are more durable and last much longer than a simple canvas canopy – making them a worthwhile investment.

It’s best to hire an expert to build the right pergola for your backyard. If your San Diego backyard could benefit from a pergola is a good place to look for experienced builders. Your family and friends will be amazed at the beauty and quality of your new pergola.

No matter if you want a DIY project like a sail or panel cover, or if you’d prefer to invest in something like a pergola, there are plenty of cool and creative ways to give your backyard the shade you want. Adding shade makes your outdoor space more comfortable, extending the time you can spend outside.