What Type Of Garden Structure Is Right For You?

The backyard of your dreams often isnít complete without some sort of garden structure. These structures add sophistication, design, and shade to any backyard. A good structure can pull together all other design elements together, making your vision a reality!

If youíre in the market for a backyard structure, you probably know there are quite a few styles to choose from. But, you might not know which style would work best for your yard and your needs. Letís look at the most popular styles of garden structures and what makes each one unique. Then, youíll be able to decide which one works best for you!

Garden Pergolas

Our first garden structure is one of our most decorative and beautiful. Pergolas originated in Italy as a garden structure to support vined plants and flowers, allowing them climb and grow. Traditionally, pergolas are wooden structures supported by four legs with an open roof. Many people confuse pergolas with arbors. Pergolas are bigger and more ornate than arbors and are often used to add elegance to sitting areas in gardens or on patios.

Garden pergolas are an excellent choice if youíre looking for something more ornate and decorative. Imagine how beautiful a pergola would look covered in flowers in your garden! These do provide some shade, but their lattice or slatted roofs still let the sun shine through. Pergolas are a great addition to a pool-side deck or flower garden and come in many different styles. From Traditional pergolas to Artisan and Kingston styles, thereís a style for everyone!

Backyard Gazebos

Unlike pergolas, gazebos offer more structure and cover. Gazebos have grown in popularity over the years as an easy way to add additional entertaining space to any backyard. All gazebos are round in shape, making them easy to tell apart from any other garden structure. Though gazebos can be made from wood or vinyl, they will always have 8 posts supporting a dome-shaped roof.

A gazebo is a great addition to any backyard if you intend to host a smaller gathering of people. Gazebos arenít as large as something like a pavilion Ė about a dozen people can fit into a large model. These are great for outdoor family dinners or as a space to unwind and read a book. Many manufacturers offer gazebos in endless finishes and colors, making them totally customizable to your style!

Outdoor Pavilions

A pavilion is our biggest garden structure, offering lots of room for parties and entertaining. You usually see large pavilions at public parks available to rent for birthday parties or family reunions. But, pavilions donít have to be just for parks. They can also live in your backyard! There is no set size requirement for a pavilion even though they are traditionally larger in nature. Pavilions have a roof similar to your house with four legs and an open, rectangular design.

Adding a pavilion to your own backyard is a great idea if you like to entertain larger groups of people. Instead of the round, enclosed design of a gazebo, a pavilion offers more room to spread out. Pavilions can be found in different materials and finishes to meet your specific needs. They even come in different styles, from simple to ornate with unique roof details.

Whether youíre looking for something simple and elegant like a pergola or large and rustic like a pavilion, thereís a garden structure perfect for your backyard! Pergolas, gazebos, and pavilions are just a few of the most popular outdoor structures to add interest and design. No matter what you choose, you can turn your backyard into the talk of the town!